Living Together

If you rent your home on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and the tenancy agreement is in only one of your names, the one whose name is not on the tenancy agreement will have no right to reside in their home if the one whose name is on the tenancy agreement asks the other to leave or if that person walks out.

If you are living together you should both put your names on the tenancy agreement. Do bear in mind though that if one person walks out and does not pay their share of the rent or just refuses to pay the rent and refuses to move out of the property, the other will be solely responsible to pay the rent to the landlord. However, they could try to claim the share of the rent that they paid to the landlord on behalf of the other, back from the other through the courts.

If one of you owns the house that you both live in and there’s no other agreement or understanding in place, the non owner will have no automatic right to stay if the owner asks them to leave. However, it is possible for the owner to have their partner’s name added to the title of the property if they want. If you would like a free quotation for carry out the legal work to add someone to your property title do not hesitate to call this firm +44 (0)208 539 0075.

If your partner dies and there is no Will you will not have an automatic right to inherit anything of theirs not even the family home, unless you both own it as joint tenants. You should make a Will setting out what you want to leave to each other. However, if you marry you will have to make a new Will because marriage revokes a Will, unless it clearly states in the Will that the Will is made in contemplation of marriage to…….. and the name of the person that you intend to marry is named in the Will.

If you would like a free quotation for preparing your Will, please ring this firm on +44 (0)208 539 0075.

This article is a guide only and professional advice should be taken before any course of action is pursued.