Moving Home


When you move home do not forget to inform the following some or all of which might be applicable to you:-

Building Society
Cable/satellite company
Charge Card Companies
Council Tax Office
Credit Card Companies
Gyms, sports & social clubs
HM Revenue & Customs
Insurance Companies
Internet Provider
Loan Provider
Pension Provider
Phone Company
Royal Mail
Store Cards

At least 4 weeks before you move get quotes from furniture removers.

As soon as contracts have been exchanged:-

Confirm with your chosen removal company the removal date and book it.

Contact all your utility companies and book an appointment for your meters to be read on the morning of the completion day.

Contact all utility companies of your new address and advise them that you want to take over the utility services on the afternoon of the completion day.

Contact your phone provider and advise them that you will be closing your account at the old address on the morning of the completion day. At the same time advise them if you want them to supply the phone line at the new address and from what date.

If you rent your present home as soon as contacts are exchanged give your landlord notice in writing. Most letting contracts need at least one months notice some require more. You should check your contract. Also make sure that your notice period does not run out before the completion date leaving you homeless.

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