Property Fraud

Since 2006, the number of cases of property fraud have risen and the Land Registry in consequence received a rise in claims against its indemnity fund.

To help combat fraud absent property owners can place a restriction against the property stating that a solicitor is required to certify that they are satisfied that the person selling is the true owner.

Further always keep your address up to date on the Land Registry title document by informing the Land Registry of any change of address. You can have up to three contact addresses registered against the property title to include an email address and even an address abroad.

Remember if you have no mortgage registered against your property and you do not live at your property say you live abroad of the property is empty or let, then it is a possible target for property fraud.

This firm can register a restriction at Land Registry against the property for you and also assist with updating your address information at Land Registry.

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This article is a guide only and professional advice should be taken before any course of action is pursued.