Stamp Duty Land Tax

If you are buying residential property in the UK for more than £125,000 you will probably have to pay stamp duty land tax to HM Revenue & Customs. Set out below is a chart showing the current rates of stamp duty payable as at 1st April 2016:-

PicThe new additional property SDLT rates are complex, if you do not know whether they apply to your scenario, when you instruct us advise us of your particular scenario and we will advise you if they apply to you.

*Transactions under £40,000 do not require a tax return to be filed with HMRC and are not subject to the higher rates.

Stamp duty is also payable on the rent element of new leases in addition to the above duty. If you would like this firm to carry out the conveyancing on your next property sale or purchase do not hesitate to telephone +44 (0)208 539 0075 for a free quotation.